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Retirement, re-employment changes driven by vision of 'productive longevity'

"It is a political choice to treat our ageing workforce as an opportunity and not a burden, to enable our people to contribute as long as they wish," said Manpower Minister Josephine Teo.

Shopee leads region's e-commerce user activity in Q2: iPrice

A BOOST in marketing and entertainment efforts appears to be paying off for Shopee in its battle for regional e-commerce dominance.

SMEs going global open door for banks to grow corporate credit cards

AS LOCAL small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) venture overseas, the travel and spending habits of SME towkays have caught the eye of several...


Microsoft co-founder's Vulcan Capital to deploy US$100m in venture funds across S-E Asia

THE backer of tech big shots such as Uber, Spotify and Alibaba has waltzed into town brandishing a US$100 million war chest.

Singapore VC fund manager among world's top performers

SINGAPORE-based East Ventures is among five firms named as the most consistently top-performing venture capital (VC) fund managers in the world by alternatives data source Preqin.

Start-up RedDoorz raises $97m, eyes new tech hub in Vietnam

Hospitality start-up RedDoorz has raised US$70 million (S$97 million) in its ongoing Series C funding round, the company announced yesterday.

Are you looking for advice on taxes or loans? Wondering how to make use of data analytics? Curious about how other SMEs motivate employees? Tap the wisdom of our panel of experts and the savvy of fellow entrepreneurs now - just ask.

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Editor's Pick

Support for SMEs entering new markets?

What can help ease the process for an SME trying to find its footing in a new market?

Expert’s Take

Wong Choo Sin
Divisional Director, Enterprise Partnership Group, International Enterprise Singapore

Many SMEs face challenges in navigating the business landscape and finding the right local partners when expanding overseas. To ease some of these initial challenges, companies can make use of IE Singapore’s Plug and Play Network (PPN). Currently, there are 9 PPN partners providing pre-market entry advisory, business matching, in-market consultations and co-working spaces in key cities in China, Southeast Asia and India.

When going into a market, leasing an office space can be challenging due to regulatory requirements and high overhead costs. Processing time for office rental may also take quite long depending on the market. By using a PPN partner’s co-working space as a start, companies can set up easily and quickly without the hassle of business registration, renovation and rental agreements. A plus point is that these PPN co-working space partners have business mentors and advisors on hand to guide companies on set-up and business issues.

Another common challenge is in finding business leads. By using some of our partners on the PPN, companies can tap into their search and business matching services for overseas business partners.

For more details about the Plug and Play Network, visit http://www.iesingapore.gov.sg.f9688.cn/PPN .


From sleepless in Singapore to US$70m for cut-rate hotels

[SINGAPORE] Amit Saberwal went through many a sleepless night when he first began pitching the idea that became Southeast Asia's top online budget...

They make their mark in male-dominated businesses

Two women entrepreneurs who blazed a trail in men-dominated industries have received the top awards given annually by Her World magazine to...

Cutting Edge

More reach, more punch

A COMPANY with a heavy focus on profit will never evolve into a big business. In fact, global giants Amazon and Tesla are still not making money,...

ONE Championship founder to share entrepreneur tips, journey at forum

GROWING up, Chatri Sityodtong had always been deeply passionate about martial arts and entrepreneurship.

Emerging Enterprise 2018

Fear no more the cashless wave

IT is not every day that a team of young university graduates reject lucrative job offers from top multinational companies to start up their own company.

Big dreams for tiny houses

WHEN Adrian Chia was on holiday in Australia's picturesque Great Ocean Road several years ago, he loved the beautiful coastal scenery and thought about how this was exactly what city dwellers...

Getting the smarts in money

WHEN a company's business model is built on a base of savvy consumers keen on sniffing out the best deals, one thing is for sure: eventually, those same users are going to start comparing the...


Singapore sprouts innovation centres

PUTTING on your thinking cap? Some professionals can now do so in dedicated "innovation centres", which are springing up islandwide. At least 25 such facilities have opened since last year, with...

Is Singapore too risk-averse for the digital age?

Singapore is justly renowned the world over for its many public policy successes, particularly in the realms of education and planning. The country boasts world-renowned universities, and younger...

Going niche to drum up mall business

The future of strata-titled malls is fast taking shape: out go rows of old-school mom-and-pop shops selling textiles, shoes, clothes and provisions; in come gleaming art galleries, bustling co-...

The SME Magazine (July/August 2019)

Transforming human resources through technology

Big Data and people analytics are driving changes in the way that companies hire and retain their staff.

Hunger for growth

Chope founder and CEO Arrif Ziaudeen is ready if you’re thinking of stealing his lunch.

At your service

Poon Da Qian, founder and CEO of startup Butler in Suits, shares why he decided to create a housekeeping, hospitality and real estate management...


July price increase the slowest in 3 years; MAS tweaks core inflation outlook

SINGAPORE inflation cooled below expectations in July, prompting the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) to ease its full-year outlook slightly,...

In tough times, SMEs prioritise revenue ahead of innovation, talent retention

BUFFETED by a slowing economy and prolonged US-China trade war, Singapore's small and medium-sized enterprises are prioritising revenue growth ahead of product innovation, talent retention and...

Economic slowdown, yes, but Singapore is looking beyond the short term

WITH the economic slowdown very much a dominant issue in the headlines of late, some in Singapore might have looked to the Prime Minister's National Day Rally speech last Sunday for some promise...


Small Caps: Catalist

Paving its way to deliver quality healthcare

IN the past year since Clearbridge Health was listed on the Singapore Exchange's Catalist board in Dec 2017, the healthcare group has been busy.

A whole new ball game for Neo Group

INVESTORS could get an extra bite out of DoDo fish balls if the brand goes public, as the chief executive of parent Neo Group suggested in a recent chat with The Business Times.

Serving Up A Track Record Of Growth

FOOD services company Koufu Group has expanded steadily over the past 16 years to manage a range of food and beverage businesses located primarily in Singapore.


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